Partnering to Excel

Who we are

Intersoft Consulting & Software Services Inc. was founded in 1998 and is a high-end consulting services company. Our rich experience, acquired over varied industry verticals, has enabled the company to offer consultancy services for Big Data Analytics and cloud computing. Our professionals are experts in Apache Hadoop and Hbase technologies amongst other bigdata ecosystem and cloud computing opensource technologies. We help you achieve your goals faster and ensure an enjoyable walk in the clouds!

How can we help

Big Data needs are driving businesses to reasses their traditional data storage and processing methods. Traditional methods are geared towards structured data and do not scale well with increase in data volumes. Unstructured data is inherently more complex and therefore more complex to analyze and generate value. Big data and cloud computing technologies together are addressing these requirements and fast becoming the solution of choice for such needs. Our professionals will analyze your data needs and recommend a solution that best suites your business needs of scaling and data analytics. We follow Agile development and project management practices. We create teams to partner with your business in building software. We also serve as invaluable resources to augment your already existing teams.