Job Title (Id) : Pragrammer Analyst (SF003)
Location: Fremont, CA


Intersoft Consulting & Software Services Inc. is growing business in the areas of web-application development and software for integrated circuits. We are seeking full time qualified, experienced and motivated individuals who will work on projects related to the company’s business expansion plans from its office at Fremont, California.




Candidates should possess minimum of Bachelors Degree in Engineering/Computer Science with 1-2 years experience


Candidates should be proficient in software development. The candidate should have demonstrated expertise in one or more programming languages such as C,  C++, JAVA, Perl, HTML, PHP. The candidates should have worked on one or more operating systems such as Linux, Unix, and/or Windows.


Candidates should have experience in at least one full project life cycle.




As part of this job you will be required to perform the following duties:


1.      Systems Analysis


Identify requirements and create detailed documentation. The requirements extraction will require analysis of system interfaces, study of various input & output event scenarios, and performance requirements.


2.      Design and Development


Identify hardware platform, operating system, programming language and compiler for implementing system spec. Implement system spec on the chosen OS, programming language and compiler.


3.      Testing/Debugging


Develop test cases that apply input stimuli to the system under development. Write automation scripts to test expected output with the real output of the system. Manage bugs and gather coverage metrics to help reach design closure.


4.      Documentation


Create detailed documentation for system specification, implementation, model, and testing.





Intersoft Consulting & Software Services Inc. was established in the year 1998 for providing high-end services to its customers and has subsequently diversified into high technology products. The company specializing in high-technology areas of secure web applications and integrated circuits.  Over the past 10 years, our technology has been used in development of secure web-sites for processing of credit card applications, secure transaction processing systems for merchant web-sites and software for developing motherboard chipsets, high-speed VDSL modems, networking equipment and microprocessors.

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