Some Open Source Projects and software components serving Big Data landscape:

HDFS: is a distributed file system that manages data files across a cluster.

MapReduce: framework to process data in HDFS. Although, technically a part of HDFS, its capabilities demand its separate mention.

HBase: Hadoop database, that provides read/write access to data managed in large loosely structured tables.

Hive: framework with SQL like query language to query hadoop data.

Pig: framework to process data in hadoop using mapReduce

Oozie: Application to chain mapreduce jobs in a workflow.

Sqoop: Tool to import data from RDBMS into Hadoop.

Hue: Hadoop User Experience project provided a Web UI for Hadoop.

Avro: is a data serialization system

Thrift: simple and straight-forward interface definition language that is used to define and create services for numerous languages.

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